All about car parks

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All about car parks

Infrastructures useful for the development of a territory, car parks also contribute to the preservation of the environment by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

What is parking?

Parking or parking is a place for vehicles to park safely. Located in the main establishments receiving public, near cities, near busy buildings such as airports, train stations, stadiums or shopping centers, car parks are easily identifiable with the symbol "P" white against a background of blue. The use of parking spaces is subject to payment depending on the duration of parking. Rates may also vary depending on the type of parking.

The different types of car parks

There are generally 5 types of car parks: underground car parks, surface or single-storey car parks, car parks with a largely ventilated superstructure, car parks and car parks. Each type of parking has its advantages and disadvantages. Closed car parks in the basement for example have the advantage of being discreet without impacting the urban landscape. Outdoor car parks are much more economical because they benefit from light and natural ventilation.

Essential equipment for car parks

To be fully functional, a car park needs many amenities such as access barriers or foot boxes for example. In more modern installations, sophisticated equipment such as the central control unit, the electronic guidance system with presence detection of vehicles on parking spaces or video surveillance are also installed. In addition to these management equipment, a car park must display many signs (indications for access and emergency exits, etc.), floor markings or retractable bollards to better inform users.

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