Tilburg station is the most central station in the city of Tilburg alongside the other stations in the city: Tilburg Reeshof and Tilburg University. Therefore, opt for a strategically easy parking space at Tilburg Station .

Tilburg station

Around 30,000 travelers use Tilburg Station every day and that is expected to be more than 40,000 by 2020. Tilburg station connects the north and south side of the city through the tunnel so that pedestrians can easily walk under the station.

The history of Tilburg Station

The Tilburg station was opened on 5 October 1863. Next to the station were the main workshops of the Dutch Railways, where the locomotives were tinkered for years. The NS workshop was still in use until 2011. The design of Station Tilburg, as we know it today, dates from 1965 and was designed by Koen van der Gaast. The 'floating' canopy in particular, better known among the Tilburgers as the kroepoek roof, is characteristic of the station.

The many possibilities of Station Tilburg

Tilburg station has two platforms where three platform tracks end up. In Tilburg, trains stop in the direction of Eindhoven, 's-Hertogenbosch and Breda. From the station you can easily transfer to the bus station, which is a hub for regional and urban bus transport. Tilburg station was rebuilt in early 2013 and provided with a new entrance. In addition to a new pedestrian tunnel, the station also has lifts and stairs so that the platforms are easily accessible. There are also shops, restaurants and parking places near Tilburg Station .

Not long looking for parking space at Tilburg Station

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