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Location of Mare Nostrum Aquarium

The Mare Nostrum Aquarium is located in the area of ​​the Odysseum shopping center in Montpellier. The public can go there between 10h and 19h every day from September to June. In July and August, the hours extend until 20h.

History of Mare Nostrum Aquarium

The Mare Nostrum Aquarium was inaugurated on December 15, 2007 and a new space dedicated to the giant Pacific octopus was opened in February 2016. A coral lagoon was created in 2015 to house sharks. The program of the visit ends with the exhibition "Mission Odyssey" since 2014, at the end of a virtual tour off the Pacific East Tropical.

Specificities of Mare Nostrum Aquarium

The Mare Nostrum Aquarium in Montpellier offers the public a 2-hour visit to discover nearly 400 species of the marine world, the treasures of the Mediterranean, the depths of the abyss or the South African penguins in the wake of virtual explorations. A 3D simulator of underwater exploration and storm at sea reinforces the realism of the visit. The visitors can attend many animations, such as the feeding of the species or their training.

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Parking near Mare Nostrum Aquarium

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