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1.4 km
Walk21 min.
Parking Gare de Genève - Ibis Genève Centre Nations
Rue du Grand-Pré 33-35, 1201 Genève

Fast Package 1h

1 hour
10.9 km
35 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève Saint Genis Pouilly - Adagio Extérieur
67 Avenue du Mont Blanc, 01710 Thoiry

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
3.0 km
Walk44 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Novotel Suites
Avenue Louis Casaï 30, 1216 Cointrain

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
4.1 km
3 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Starling Geneva Hotel and Conference Center
34 Route François-Peyrot , 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex Suisse

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
3.9 km
Walk0 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Civapark (Service Voiturier)
Route François-Peyrot, 12, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
4.2 km
10 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Go2Park
161 Route de Vernier , 1214 Vernier

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
1.1 km
Walk8 min.
Parking Genève Centre - Novotel
19 rue de Zurich , 1201 Genève

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
3.6 km
Walk54 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève- Garage de l'Aéroport
36 Chemin de Joinville, 1216 Cointrin

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
5.1 km
6 min.
Parking Aéroport de Genève - Aéropark
28 chemin Adrien Stoessel, 1217 Meyrin

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
3.5 km
5 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Parking Plus
Chemin de l'Avanchet 26, 1216 Cointrin

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
4.1 km
Parking Aéroport Genève - ECTOR (Service Voiturier)
21 Route de l'Aéroport , 1215 Le Grand-Saconnex
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The city of Geneva

Geneva is the political capital of Switzerland and a major city on a global scale. It is located on one of the shores of Lake Geneva, on the French side of the country.

Geneva and its history

Geneva has not always been the haven of peace and tranquility that we know today. The city was at first a simple outpost of the province of Transalpine Gaul in Roman times. But with the emergence of Christianity, then of the Protestant religion, it gained in importance and found itself for centuries in the midst of interminable internal power struggles or initiated from abroad (France or Italy).

The characteristics of Geneva

Geneva is home to 22 of the most prestigious international organizations and more than 2,500 NGOs. No city in the world symbolizes peace and neutrality as much as the Swiss capital. The emblem of the city is its jet of water culminating at 140 m. It is the most active multilateral diplomatic center in the world and the second largest financial center in Switzerland. It is also the most important place in the world for transnational private wealth management and oil trading. Geneva is one of the cities offering the best quality of life in the world.

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