Guidance instead

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Guidance instead

There is nothing more frustrating for a motorist than to enter a city and look for a parking space available. Similarly, when the driver enters a parking garage (building parking) on ​​several levels, he feels quickly lost. Fortunately, thanks to the car park guidance system, finding a free space where parking can be done is an easy task.

Introduction to parking guidance systems

Guidance systems reduce vehicle CO2 emissions and optimize the occupancy rate of car parks. They also allow drivers to quickly find a parking spot. The motorist is guided by indications that are displayed on LED displays placed at strategic points of the city. The guidance system guides the driver to the car park closest to his position. A covered car park can also be equipped with a guidance system and a management interface. It is then easier for the motorist to find a place available even during periods of high attendance. The driver is guided from the entrance to the car park lot to the available location so that he can park easily.

Guidance system in covered car parks

The guiding system in the covered car parks makes it possible to optimize the management of the spaces available in the car park. Depending on the devices used, a detector is installed on each location that sends information to a central unit. For the driver, there is no longer a waste of time looking for a free seat knowing that in some facilities, there are several floors and alleys. Finding a place to park can be a real challenge. With a dynamic parking guidance system, each vehicle is guided to the car park space allocated to it.

Find a parking space online

To be certain of finding a parking space available, Onepark offers an online application that allows you to book one or more parking spaces near stations, airports and other important facilities in the city of interest. You can book your parking space before your departure or use your smartphone (Android or iOS) to find the ideal parking space for your vehicle (two-wheeled or automobile).