Parking areas

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Parking areas

For four-wheeled vehicles, when parking is not done in one of the many private car parks of a city, it is done on public roads. Each city has its own policy on parking zoning and it is the municipalities (or intercommunalities) that are the decision makers.

The different parking areas in France

Blue areas

The blue zone is a free limited time parking area. It can be recognized thanks to the blue marking on the ground. Parking in this area is regulated with a maximum duration of 1h30. Schedules and parking times are different in each city. Normally, parking in the blue zone is allowed from 9h to 19h. When parking in a blue area, you must set your parking disk to your arrival time. You must then put it behind the windshield (sidewalk) to make it visible.

Red areas

The red zones are most often in the heart of the city, in the shopping areas. The stop in the red zones is of very short duration to facilitate the rotation of the parked vehicles. The parking period is limited to 2 hours and varies by municipality.

Orange areas

Still in the center, but larger, the orange areas allow you to park for an average of about 3 hours. This duration can change from one city to another.

Green areas

You will find green areas on the outskirts of cities. They allow drivers to park their cars in a parking lot and reach the city center by public transport. In these areas, you can park for a long time (half a day for example).

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