In battle

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In battle

There are several ways to park in a parking lot. In the majority of cases, parking is imposed according to the type of parking and the building. You can park your car on the cob, in the slot or in battle. How to park your car in battle?

What is a parking lot in battle?

Parking in battle is another parking system with parking spaces at 90 ° from the roadway. Storage in battle can be done either in reverse or forward according to the positions imposed by the parking (top start or reverse).

Park in battle in reverse or forward

To park in forward battle, you must tell other vehicles that follow you that you have found a place and that you intend to occupy it. To do this, just activate your flashing light. Position your vehicle far enough away from other cars already parked and turn like when you turn on a street. To park in reverse, move forward and leave a sufficient interval of 1 to 2 m between your car and the square. Keeping the blinker, start backing very slowly. You can steer the steering wheel to park on the spot when your exterior mirror is at the last line of the second place after which you want to park.

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