Parking and you

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Parking and you

Between the solution to be reimbursed for a parking space or investment opportunities in the parking sector, discover the latest news of car parks in France.

Parking in France: new car-sharing services in Paris

Faced with the difficulties of parking without counting the costs generated by the car parks, users are always looking for good plans to minimize this expense. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are competing for ideas to offer ever more comfortable services to users. Lately, we note the popularization of the concept of carsharing in France and especially in Paris.

It should be known that the concept of carsharing is not new but has been hitherto little exploited. The principle is simple: a motorist who, for one reason or another must park for a longer or shorter period, will rent his car. In exchange for this, the parking fees will be reimbursed, whether the vehicle has actually been rented or not. A good way to minimize parking expenses.

Invest in parking, a solution for space problems?

With the advent of new technology, it is now possible to easily find a parking space through reservation platforms that geolocate real-time free parking in the area of ​​your choice . Nevertheless, the lack of space remains a major problem. In France, the figures show an overall loss of 70 million hours per year, just to look for free parking.

It should be noted that the car park is an interesting investment sector since it offers investors a lot of leeway. In general, the return ranges from 6 to 12% provided that you invest in the right place. Notaries recommend, for example, favoring city centers in large cities.