Airport Parking

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Airport Parking

Finding a parking space near airports is not always easy, especially in Paris airports or Marseille for example, which are experiencing significant traffic. There are nevertheless some good plans to park near airports. Follow the guide and say goodbye to the stress of parking!

Hotel car parks, a good plan for parking near airports

If you're looking for great deals for easy, low-cost parking near airports, consider the surrounding hotel zones that have plenty of parking lots. In these hotels, many places are in fact little or not used and will be offered for rent to external customers. Functional, these hotel car parks offer a range of additional services to ensure your comfort: shuttle (free or paid) to reach the terminals in a few minutes, valet service, washing, etc.

Low cost parking to park at low prices near airports

In their enclosure, airports always have a range of official car parks divided into several categories ranging from premium to low cost. The price of the car parks generally depends on their distance from the terminals, the cheapest being situated a little further than the premium range. The list of ancillary services also determines the cost. Alternatively, you have a selection of parking discounts located near airports , private or public car parks available for rent for a short or long term.

Parking near airports: packages, a good plan to control your budget

For car drivers and two-wheelers, the cost of car parks is one of the expense items on the move. To limit them, you can save money on these parking fees by booking a package. Thus, you will know exactly how much you will pay for your parking, whatever the duration. No more pricing surprises on time with hidden fees, especially for long-term parking. Depending on your needs, guarantee a place by reserving in advance a package of a few hours, a day, a few days, several weeks, a month or beyond.