Choose a car park in Lyon according to the district and the arrondissement

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Choose a car park in Lyon according to the district and the arrondissement

If you are passing through the City of Lights for a day or more to discover Lyon's must-see tourist spots, it is important to target a district or district to park your car while optimizing your stay.

What are the essential districts of Lyon

Lyon is a city with a very rich history and culture with beautiful old quarters and many museums. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, Lyon is the ideal destination for tourism. In order not to miss any of the city's must-see places, we invite you to choose a specific neighborhood for parking your vehicle. This will be the starting point of your trip to Lyon. In particular, you can leave from the following districts:

- old Lyon

- the Peninsula

- the Croix Rousse

- the Confluence district

- the Part-Dieu district

In Lyon, there are many neighborhoods to discover. Museums, parks, old town, Lyon will appeal to young and old. In order to optimize your stay, Onepark provides you with official car parks, building car parks and hotel car parks.

In which district of Lyon to park?

If you already know Lyon or live there, you can directly target the district of your choice for parking your vehicle.

- The 1st arrondissement is very small but above all very lively. In particular, you can reach the Place de Terreaux.

- The 2nd arrondissement is one of the most prestigious. Divided between the Presqu'île and the Confluence district, it is known for its famous places such as rue Mercière, places Jacobins, Bellecour and Carnot.

- The 3rd arrondissement is considered to be the second city center of Lyon. Avenue de Saxe, cours Gambetta, cours Lafayette, this district is one of the city's economic lungs.

- The 4th arrondissement is located north of Lyon. It mainly consists of the village district of Croix Rousse.

- The 5th arrondissement is touristy and historic. At the heart of this arrondissement is old Lyon.

- The 6th arrondissement is mainly residential. You can still discover prestigious restaurants and bars, especially in Botteaux.

- The 7th arrondissement is the largest in Lyon. It is mainly dedicated to cultural and sporting activities, in particular with the Gerland stadium or the Palais de Sports in Lyon.

- The 8th arrondissement is a residential area called the cradle of cinema.

- The 9th arrondissement corresponds to the industrial zone of Lyon. Located in the north-east of the city, this arrondissement is shaped from the former commune of Saint-Rambert as well as the districts of La Duchère and Vaise.

Here is a small overview of what the city of Lyon can offer you on your next visit. Remember to inquire before your departure for Lyon in order to choose the district or district where you will park your vehicle.

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