Guide to parking in Lyon

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Guide to parking in Lyon

Lyon is one of the largest cities in France, located in the south-east of the country. The city has 9 districts. Resolutely modern, but with an exceptional architectural heritage, Lyon welcomes millions of visitors a year. It is the second most popular destination in France. Unlike Paris, the search for parking in Lyon is much easier and many car parks are available for booking.

The different types of parking in Lyon

If you live in Lyon, you can benefit from residential parking. You will need to buy a sticker that will be valid for one year. Note that this parking sticker is limited to two per home. It must be clearly visible behind the windshield of your vehicle. To benefit from this offer, you must reside permanently in Lyon. If you come to your place of work by car and you are looking for parking to park, then you are part of commuters and parking offers adapted to your situation are available in Lyon: relay parks and station parking. There are around 18 park and coach parking lots in the Val de Saône and in the northern and southern parts of the city.

Visitor parking in Lyon

If you are just passing through Lyon , there are many car parks available in the 9 districts of the city. Seating is not free, but you get 15 free minutes when you buy a ticket, which is ideal for parking with a shorter duration.

In this guide, you will be able to learn more about parking in Lyon:

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