Long-term parking at Marseille Provence Airport

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Long-term parking at Marseille Provence Airport

In certain situations, a long-term car park rental at Marseille Provence airport is necessary. Whatever your needs, book a spot among the selection of parking available for long term rental at this airport.

Book long-term parking at Marseille Provence Airport and leave for peace!

If you are going on holiday from Marseille Provence, getting to the airport with your own car is the ideal solution for a comfortable departure, especially if you go with your family. If you travel alone without much luggage for a business trip, for example, you can get to the airport by motorbike. For a long trip, more than three days and even beyond a month, you will have the opportunity to rent a long-term parking at the airport of Marseille Provence. To be sure of having a place, book your car park in advance.

Parking at Marseille Provence Airport: long-term packages

For your long-term parking needs at Marseille Provence Airport, you have the possibility to book a package. This tailor-made formula not only allows you to book the car park for the duration actually needed but also allows you to benefit from a preferential rate. Beyond a weekend or a trip of two or three days, you will find in this range of packages packages of 4 to 6 days, a week package or packages of 8 to 30 days. You also have a monthly fee.

Car parks available for long-term rental at Marseille Provence Airport

You will find a wide choice of car parks at Marseille Provence airport . The car parks are provided by public or private landlords. These open-air car parks are sometimes closed, sometimes not. Some also have dedicated pitches for two-wheelers with the right facilities. Others have places reserved for people with reduced mobility (these places meet the standards in terms of accessibility and size to allow the passage of wheelchairs). Guarding, video surveillance, valet parking, shuttle service are among the services offered by these long - term car parks at Marseille Provence Airport.


For a long journey from Marseille Provence , book online for free and in advance your parking space for a long time on the Onepark website or via mobile application note. Your vehicle will be secure. You can leave alone.