Disabled parking, penalties.

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Disabled parking, penalties.

The parking card reserved for people with reduced mobility is issued to people who suffer from temporary or permanent disabilities that prevent them from moving independently or that require them to be accompanied. The law stipulates that out of the total number of places available to the public, there must be at least 2% of parking spaces reserved for the disabled.

Parking on a disabled place, sanctions

When your car does not have the disabled parking card, but you still park on a parking space reserved for people with reduced mobility, you risk fines (fines of 4th class) and penalties, but without affect your driving license points. The penalties may be a fixed fine of less than € 90 or a flat-rate fine of € 135 with the possibility of impounding the vehicle. Note that when the fine is increased, the amount can reach 375 €. The sanction notice can be delivered by hand, sent to your home or found by an automatic radar. The payment period and the amount of the package (reduced, normal or increased) are different depending on the method of submission of this notice. For a hand delivery, the payment period of a reduced amount is 3 days against 45 days for a normal amount. When the notice is sent to your home, the payment period of a reduced amount will be 15 days instead of 45 days for a normal amount and more than 45 days for an increased amount. When the offense is detected by an automatic radar, an additional period of 15 days will be granted.

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