Foreign countries

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Foreign countries

In France, the dimensions of a parking space are regulated by NF-P 91-100 for public parking and NF-P 91-120 for private parking. This is the reason why when you enter a car park, you have this feeling of déjà-vu, because everything is very similar. Other countries have their own standards, as is the case in Switzerland or Canada, for example.

Standards and dimensions of parking spaces in Quebec

In the country of maple syrup and according to the municipal rule, a parking space must be at least 2.40 m wide with a traffic aisle of 2.40 m wide also. The car park is recognizable by the almost universal symbol "P". The reserved places (especially for people with disabilities) represent 2% of the total available places, a little like in France.

Standards and dimensions of parking spaces in Switzerland

Switzerland has its own standards for parking dimensions. There are three levels of comfort (A, B and C), with dimensions specific to each level and according to the car park angle. For example, with a parking angle of 90 °, the width of a parking space must be at least 2.35 m for level A and 2.50 m for level B for 5 m length each. For level C, the minimum width is 2.60 m for 6.20 m in length.

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