Parking & assurance

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Parking & assurance

Even if the vehicle is not in circulation, it should be known that it remains potentially exposed to degradation risks. The question of insurance deserves to be asked. On this point, it is necessary to make a distinction between the obligations of the car park operator and those of the customer.

The obligations of the operator

In order to curb parking problems, parking aggregators group together in their network a selection of parking lots that meet all needs. The question now is to know what is the case in case of damage to the vehicle parked on one of these car parks. Despite the security measures put in place, operators often establish rules of use and, for example, recommend that customers not leave valuables in vehicles, close behind them, and so on. Notwithstanding these recommendations, the operator will find it advantageous to subscribe to Civil Liability Insurance (RCE), a supplementary security guarantor for its customers. The operator does have a duty of safety towards his customers. The law defines it in Articles 1147 and 1384 of the Civil Code. Of course, the law does not take into account the proven negligence of one of the two parties (customer / operator).

It is important to note that Onepark, as a platform for reserving parking spaces, is not operating the car parks available for booking.

The obligations of the motorist

On the side of the car park users, the law of insurance is also clear. Article L. 211-1 of the Insurance Code stipulates that every land motor vehicle (MTV) has the obligation to subscribe to a minimum insurance. This convention applies to cars, motorcycles, scooters or any other motor vehicle with two, three or four wheels. Not only this formality allows you to protect your vehicle but also allows to compensate a third party in case of odd or accidents. In short, whether you are a victim or responsible for an accident, car insurance protects you or others. There are countless forms of auto insurance, each driver to choose the offer that suits him best. To give just one example, all-risk insurance is one of the options that allows you to ride serenely and at the same time to park without stress in a car park, even for a long period of absence.