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Specially designed to allow vehicles to park, car parks have their roles to play and not least in the fluidity of traffic, traffic, reduction of pollution and the development of a territory. The issue of dimensions arises on the one hand for drivers who often fear the number of maneuvers necessary to enter or leave a parking space, and secondly, for the owners of car parks that must optimize the capacity of welcome their parks. Here's all you need to know about the dimensions of a parking space.

Dimensions of a parking space, standards

They are most often found near busy buildings (public or private) such as airports, railway stations, shopping centers, hospitals, workplaces, supermarkets, etc. In order to optimize these parking spaces and their reception capacities, standards have been drafted to regulate the size of the available spaces: the standard   NF P91-120 for private car parks and standard NF P91-100 for public car parks. These documents are freely available online and can be downloaded for reference.

The dimensions to respect for a parking space

According to the norms enacted, a parking space should have in addition to the space reserved for the vehicle which is parked, a space reserved for the circulation. This driveway can be one-way or two-way. The length of the parking space is usually 5 m. The width of an unobstructed parking space must be at least 2.30 m. In the case of obstacles such as posts, panels, walls, etc., the width of the parking space must be at least 2.60 m. You should know that in a construction dedicated to parking, there must be places reserved for people with reduced mobility, often as close as possible to access such as elevators for example. The width of a parking space reserved for the disabled is greater and must be at least 3.30 m. With regard to the traffic lanes, the recommended width is 3 m when it is one-way and 5.50 m when the lane is two-way.

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