Air quality

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Air quality

Underground car parks are the most concerned by this problem. Although they save land and minimize the impact on the urban landscape, underground car parks suffer from this major drawback which, fortunately, has been regulated, forcing operators to comply with strict standards. The law Grenelle I provides for example the establishment of electrical outlets in these car parks to allow electric cars to charge their battery.

All about underground car parks

Buildings such as airports for example have the obligation to offer underground parking to allow the traveler to park his vehicle near the terminals and quickly reach the boarding. In underground car parks, the floor has a special coating and does not benefit from the washing or natural leaching of rain as for surface parking. The air is much more polluted. An underground car park is composed of several levels. Users move between the different levels using ramps whose curvatures and slopes are regulated to optimize traffic inside the car park and at the exit.

Air pollution in underground car parks

The quality of the air in closed or underground car parks depends on several factors such as the type of vehicle (petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric ...) or the ventilation and ventilation system installed in the car park. The degree of slopes of ramps also counts, as this has an impact on air quality both in height and at ground level. Pollutants that may be present in underground car parks are numerous to mention only carbon monoxide (highly toxic), benzene, naphthalene and other fine particles.

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