Closed or underground parking

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Closed or underground parking

Do you want to rent a car park? In advertisements, you will certainly come across different terms to designate a parking: closed parking, underground parking, box, garage, covered parking ... Before you decide, discover what are the advantages and disadvantages of closed and underground parking and what differentiates them from other types of car parks.

What is a closed parking?

We also talk about parking boxing when it comes to transforming a common parking space into a garage or closed parking. This type of parking is particularly reassuring because it inspires safety. In addition to being economical in terms of investment, the closed parking increases the rental value of the building.

Definition of an underground car park

An underground car park is a car park that is usually located under buildings such as airports, shopping centers or corporate offices. It is a very secure car park with many modern facilities. Given that it is in the basement and not on the surface, the underground car park must have an excellent aeration system with many vents to minimize pollution and improve the air quality in the car park. The underground car park is composed of several floors. To reach their parking spaces, drivers use ramps to move from one floor to another. They can then join an elevator or stairs to exit the car park as pedestrians.

Advantages and disadvantages of closed and underground parking

For a city, the underground car park has no impact on the urban landscape. It saves the land. It is a discreet parking and very secure. It has many parking spaces, separated by pillars that support the entire structure. The place is quite busy in addition to cleaning staff, maintenance agents, etc. Air quality is the main problem of underground parking, but standards have been established to minimize pollution in this type of parking.

Find closed or underground parking near airports

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