Types of car parks

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Types of car parks

A parking lot allows vehicles to park. In France as in many countries, there are several types of car parks : underground, on the surface, on the ground floor or outside.

Underground car parks

With a very limited impact on the urban landscape, closed or underground car parks are most often located under buildings such as airports for example. Underground car parks have several levels supported by many pillars. Drivers move from one floor to another using ramps. Once parked, drivers use stairs or lifts to get to the surface.

Air parking

The car parks are very similar to closed underground car parks except that they are built outside and not in the basement. The car parks also have floors and ramps that allow you to move from one level to another. Constructed of concrete or metal structures (or both), outdoor car parks are also known as parking silos.

Car parks in a largely ventilated superstructure or PSSLV

On the car parks in superstructure largely ventilated, one notices the presence of several lateral bays of ventilation. The exchanges of air are done naturally as the lighting which is provided by the natural light unlike the underground car parks which require several lamps and lighting devices.

Parking on one level

Located on the surface, this type of parking is easy to access and provides a sense of security thanks to the absence of poles. Access to the car park by pedestrians is much faster and the maneuvers to get out and enter the parking are easy.

The relay car parks

Funded by communities and located in the immediate vicinity of cities, relay car parks are parking lots that are close to railway stations, trams, subways or bus stops ...

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