On the cob

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On the cob

Depending on the type of car park, parking on the cob makes it possible to optimize the space and to save the number of places available for parking. What are the advantages of parking on the cob and what are the different types of parking on the cob?

Benefits of parking on the cob

There are several ways to park in a car park: niche, on the cob and in battle. Parking on the cob makes it possible to gain places. This type of parking also facilitates maneuvering. Indeed, to access the parking space, you walk forward and to leave, you maneuver in reverse. In addition, the passengers of your vehicle will never be on the side of the street when they get off the car, which is very reassuring.

The different types of parking on the cob

The dimensions of car parks with parking on the cob are regulated by standard NF P 91-100. These dimensions vary according to the angle of the ear. There are several parking lots on the cob at 45 °, 60 ° and 75 °. With a parking lot at 45 °, the dimensions of a parking space should be 2.20 x 4.80 m with a traffic lane of at least 3.50 m. At 60 °, the parking on the cob requires much higher dimensions (2.25 x 5.15 m for a place and 4 m for the taxiway). If the parking on the cob is 75 °, the dimensions will be increased by 2.25 x 5.10 m for the parking space and 4.50 m at least for the taxiway.

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