In niche

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In niche

Many drivers fear the niche maneuver, because it is a fairly complex method to park especially for beginners. Fortunately, when you enter a parking lot, the traffic lane and the dimensions of the parking space must allow you to park easily.

The different methods of parking in a car park

Parking in a parking lot can be either on the cob, in the slot or in battle. Parking on the cob assumes that the parking spaces are not parallel or perpendicular to the traffic lane. When the parking space is on the edge of a road, you will then be invited to park by maneuvering the slot to park on the square between two vehicles that follow each other. This maneuver is often feared by novice drivers.

Park a car in a parking lot

The crenellation maneuver can be done in 4 easy steps. First, you must position yourself in double file compared to the car in front of the square with a distance of about 50 cm. Second, step back slowly in a straight line. When the rear bumper of the parked car is about halfway up your rear door, point your steering wheel to the right. At this point, your car should be positioned at 45 ° from the sidewalk. Thirdly, and always backing up slowly, turn the steering wheel to the left, making sure you do not catch the car in front. Finally, looking at the rearview mirror, line up with the car behind you. Remember to put the wheels straight when you are stationary.

How to find free parking?

The car parks are built and arranged in different strategic points of a city: shopping malls, airports, train stations, stadiums, museums ... They are represented by a "P" and are in the majority of the cases paying. When you go on a trip and find parking near an airport can be a real obstacle course. With Onepark, an online car park reservation service, you will be able to find an available seat and reserve it a few moments before your departure. Thus, you will be sure to park your car near the airport of your choice.