Parking well

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Parking well

The standards governing the construction and dimensions of a car park have been made to allow you to park your car with ease. However, according to these standards and the type of parking, there are different methods for parking whether in battle, on the cob or in the niche.

Park your car in battle

Parking in battle is a form of parking with places at 90 ° of the roadway. Parking in battle can be done with a forward or a reverse and requires some skill in maneuvering. Indeed, you must most often place between two cars that are placed in the same way.

Parking your car on the cob

In order to gain a number of parking spaces, parking on the cob can be very advantageous. Storage on the cob assumes that the parking spaces are neither perpendicular nor parallel to the traffic lane. There are three types of storage on the cob: 45 °, 60 ° and 75 °. The dimensions of the parking spaces in a parking lot on the cob differ according to the chosen storage angle.

Park your car in a niche

It is a very delicate driving maneuver that takes place in reverse. Niche parking is a form of "on-line" storage at the edge of the roadway. To park your vehicle, you must most often place yourself between two vehicles that position themselves in the same way.

Find a parking space to park your car

At major airports, train stations, stadiums and other public establishments, finding a parking space can be extremely difficult. These are busy places with parking spaces that are often already occupied. In the vicinity of these buildings, there are private car parks and many hotels that offer parking spaces available. With Onepark, find and quickly find a parking space and book it in one click from the website or from your smartphone with dedicated mobile applications.