Parking in the world

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Parking in the world

Each country has its own rules for parking, parking rates and parking spaces. Whether in the United States, India, Belgium, Switzerland or France, the car parks are built, either outdoors in the open, covered or closed, or inside a building or in the underground. -ground.

Types and specificities of car parks in the world

Regardless of which city or country you visit, you can recognize a car park or parking lot with the symbol "P" whether it is a car park on public roads or off the road, at within an office or retail building, for example. Generally, in the city or country where you are, you will come across buildings built outside and which are exclusively dedicated to parking. These are the car parks (silo) and car parks in superstructure largely ventilated (PSSLV). Always outside and in the open, you will also have the opportunity to park in surface parking or ground level located on old fields or fields. When you want to park at airports, you will notice that the car parks are in the basement. These are underground car parks on several levels. Just like the car parks, you can drive inside these car parks using ramps to reach your parking space which can be on another floor or level. Once the car is parked, you can take the elevator or the stairs to reach the exit.

Find a parking in Europe

Onepark is an online parking reservation service. It allows you to search and find a parking spot quickly in many countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland or Poland. By booking online, you will be sure to find a parking space near the main establishments receiving public from your city (airports, stadiums, stations, shopping centers, museums ...).