Parking in popular culture

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Parking in popular culture

In the movies, the car park is associated with a discreet place, out of sight where many surprising things can happen. In real life, many municipalities try to give the car park a much more welcoming, warm and friendly image.

Parking in the culture

In the culture, the car park does not only play the role of parking space, but much more. In movies or video games, for example, many action scenes or intense emotions take place in car parks with exploding cars, fights, secret discussions, and so on. During the 1960s, car parks were considered as places with a thousand dangers, even a little sordid. Nowadays, this is not the case anymore. Some cities have even allowed artistic graffiti and wall paintings in underground car parks. The idea is to give the car park a reassuring image.

Parking, a place to live

The parking is a real place of life. A vehicle spends approximately 95% of its time at rest and 5% on the road. This is a place where you will spend a good time. The municipalities quickly made this observation and made the majority of car parks more welcoming by organizing, for example, artistic events with galleries, murals, etc. Thanks to these initiatives, users are paying much more attention to car parks and parking becomes more enjoyable.

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