The economy of car parks in France

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The economy of car parks in France

The lucrative parking sector is attracting more and more investors who today rely on a long-ignored landlord: the hotels. Hotel parking is a huge economic windfall where everyone can find it!

Parking and hotel managers: the winning handset

On average, hotel car parks are free 25% of the time. However, we must know that parking lots, especially those in the basement represent a big investment for the hotelier. Moreover, in most cases, car parks are on the list of free services. Hoteliers will find an interest in making these places profitable. For their part, parking managers are in constant search of donors. Many start-ups are now forming partnerships with hotels that want to rent out their car park. This solution may allow drivers to go around in circles for a shorter time to find a parking space available. Better yet, it is now possible to find available hotel parking in advance through a mobile application or an online booking platform. In a few clicks, the available places are geolocated in real time .

What benefits for drivers

The hotel car park represents an additional 20 000 places in addition to traditional parking. But for drivers, the main benefit is in terms of fares. Car park management companies negotiate these places with hotels so that they can offer a better price in relation to the market price. With this solution, motorists can book in advance parking for 25 to 60% cheaper. Add to this the various services offered by the hotel including valet parking or the shuttle for car parks located in the vicinity of airports or train stations. Safety is also provided in this type of car park even if you leave your vehicle for a long time. The hotel has a better visibility and can claim a few more customers especially for their restaurant! In short, everyone is a winner!