Parking camping car

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Parking camping car

The rules governing the parking of motorhomes or caravans are quite specific. Despite the fact that they are motor vehicles and not heavy goods vehicles, they can sometimes be cumbersome. However, the mayor of a city can not totally prohibit the parking of motor homes and must therefore develop special areas for this purpose.

Characteristics of motorhomes

Motorhomes or caravans are motor vehicles in which it is possible to live. It has everything you need for it: a bed, a toilet, a shower, a kitchen, a dining area, etc. RVs have their own water supply and a heating system. They are considered to be motor vehicles when their weight does not exceed 3,5T.

The parking of caravans or motorhomes

In France, in all municipalities, motorhomes have the right to make a night stop. Special areas have been created to allow caravans to stay for the night and sleep. However, be careful, because in some places, parking a motorhome can be considered abusive especially if the vehicle is more than 20 m² surface. The owner then faces a 4 th class ticket. Moreover, it should be noted that it is forbidden to park more than 7 consecutive days in the same place as the vehicle is a camper, a car, a truck or a truck.

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