Definition of a parking

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Definition of a parking

A car park is a space specially designed for all road users so that they can park their vehicles safely. In addition to being a functional place to park, parking is also an infrastructure that reduces the CO2 emissions of vehicles that are forced to shut down their engines once parked.

What is parking?

The car park is a functional, equipped and secure place where vehicles can park. In the majority of European Union countries and in France, the car park is represented by the symbol P in capital letters. White and blue (panel), this symbol is placed at the entrance of a car park, but you can also see it in the street or on dedicated displays (city maps for example). In the majority of cases, parking in a public car park is subject to a charge based on the duration of parking. The dimensions of a parking space are governed by standards NF P91-100 and NF P 91-120 (public and private car parks).

The different types of parking

Covered car parks are enclosed areas specially designed for parking vehicles. They are in a closed place or in the basement of a building. They can accommodate both cars and motorcycles. The closed car park consists of several levels or floors. To move from one level to another, drivers use ramps. Some urban constructions such as railway stations or airports for example have the obligation to have underground car parks that comply with the standards and legislation in force for safety, ventilation and emergency exits in case of fire. Outdoor car parks are single-storey spaces, specially designed for parking vehicles. Very economical, they do not need fans and use natural light as lighting unlike covered car parks that consume many more resources (lamps, air vents, fans, etc.).

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