Padua is the fourteenth Italian municipality by population and is one of the most important Italian cities for artistic wealth. With OnePark you can park without problems in Padua and enjoy its wonders.


Padua has an area of about 92 square kilometers and is located between the Po Valley, the Euganean Hills and the Venice Lagoon. The city has many green lungs, among which also the Botanical Garden declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A brief history of Padua

An ancient legend tells that Padua was founded by the Homeric hero Antenor during his flight from Troy. In the third century BC the Padovani succeeded in defeating the Gauls, thus becoming allies of the Romans. The signs of this alliance are still visible today in the theater and in the amphitheater. After a dark period, during the Middle Ages the city gained new life thanks to the urban intervention of the Benedictine monks.

Padua: a wonder built over the centuries

Padua has a multifaceted beauty, the result of the stratification of works that have taken place over the centuries. The city has three circles of walls, built over 4 centuries in its defense and its urban fabric runs through over 25 km of arcades. The heart of the city develops through three splendid squares, still today the historical seat of some traditional markets: Piazza dei Signori, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta. Park your car in Padua and do not miss the chance to visit this Venetian pearl.

A parking in Padua in one click

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