Berlin Hauptbahnhof is Berlin’s main train station. Whenever you need to find parking near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, use OnePark.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Located on the western edge of the city centre, Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the largest train station in all of Europe. There are 16 train platforms and 2 underground platforms although, platforms 15 and 16 are S-Bahn platforms for local suburban trains.

A brief history of Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Prior to the Second World War, Berlin was served by Lehrter Bahnhof. However, it sustained significant damage from wartime bombings. It was repaired for temporary use but with the partition of Germany, much of West Berlin’s long-distance travel diminished and the station was demolished in 1957. Work began on the building you see today in 1995 and it was officially opened in 2006.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof: largest European train station

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is spread over 5 levels. Platforms 1-8 are located at the lowest level and deal with all the north-south running lines. Trains to places such as Prague and Budapest depart from here. Platforms 11-16 are located on an upper viaduct and deal with the east-west running lines where trains to Amsterdam and Warsaw depart. There is a selection of shops, eateries and access to free Wi-Fi at the station. It is also a hub for most public transport and there is parking near Berlin Hauptbahnhof as it has an underground car park.

Parking near Berlin Hauptbahnhof

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