Hamburg Airport, known locally as Flughafen Hamburg, is Germany's fifth-busiest airport, serving nearly 18 million people each year. Parking at Hamburg Airport is never an issue thanks to OnePark .

Hamburg Airport

The site that makes up Hamburg Airport is 5.7 square kilometres in size, with the main apron taking up 320,000 square metres. The airport is located just over eight kilometres from Hamburg's city centre in the Fuhlsbüttel quarter, which is a large urban area.

A brief history of Hamburg Airport

Currently, Hamburg Airport is the world's oldest that is still in operation, having first opened in 1911. The original airport was only used for airship flights, although by 1913 it had been expanded to include an area for fixed-wing flights. There were discussions on moving the airport in the 1960s, but nothing came of them because of its convenient location. Major renovations didn't occur until the 1990s, with new terminals, pier extensions, and a plaza being introduced.

Terminals at Hamburg Airport

The two terminals at Hamburg Airport are connected by a plaza. The baggage claim area sits on the bottom floor of the two terminals, while the plaza is home to restaurants, security, and the S-Bahn station. Terminal 1 is the newest and busiest terminal, hosting airlines from alliances like SkyTeam and Oneworld. Terminal 2 is home to Star Alliance and Eurowings airlines. In addition to the train, motorway A7 runs to the airport. If you choose to drive, remember that parking at Hamburg Airport can be a challenge because there isn't much room for expansion.

Parking at Hamburg Airport

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