Berlin-Schönefeld Airport is one of the city's two international airports. Finding parking at Berlin Schönefeld Aiport couldn't be simpler with OnePark.

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport

Situated 18 km to the southeast of the centre of Berlin, Berlin Schönefeld Airport is close to the titular town from which it takes its name. The airport was part of East Berlin during the Cold War, while the now defunct Templehof Airport was the entry point for those travelling to the West.

A Brief History of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport

In 1945, once the Second World War had ended, the airport was under the control of the Soviet Union until 1989 and the termination of the Cold War. Since reunification, the airport has steadily increased its operational numbers, especially in recent years as the popularity of the German capital has skyrocketed. Despite numerous extensions, the airport now operates at near full capacity as the German economy has continued to grow and passenger numbers have increased.

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport – Terminals and Transport

Despite starting out as a small airport with limited traffic, Berlin-Schönefeld Airport now operates four terminals named A, B, C and D. Though located next to each other, they each have separate land side area. Terminal C has no check-in facilities and is used for the sole purpose of clearing security. Terminal A forms what was the original building and is mainly used by the budget carrier Ryanair. Terminal B is used exclusively by easyJet while Terminal D is the newest addition built in 2005 to accommodate growing passenger numbers. If parking at Berlin-Schönefeld Aiport, you can reach it by the A113.

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