Berlin car parks

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Travel to Berlin, the capital of Germany known for its politics, history, art and culture. Wherever you go, parking in Berlin is easy to find when you use OnePark.

Berlin city centre

Berlin is located in north-eastern Germany along the Rivers Spree and Havel. It covers an area of 891.7 square kilometres and is home to about 3.7 million people. It is the second most populated city in the EU behind London.

A brief history of Berlin

Berlin began in the 13th century as two towns by the river Spree known as Berlin and Colln, which later merged. The city became the residence of King Fredrick I of Prussia and when Germany was unified in 1870, the city became the capital. Berlin boomed during the Industrial Revolution though was destroyed in World War II. Following the war, the city was divided and remained so until 1990 after the end of the Cold War.

Discovering Berlin city centre

Berlin city centre is a large cultural place with a diverse aesthetic. Each neighbourhood in Berlin offers a different side ranging from medieval to modern architecture. Its most famous historical landmark, the Brandenburg gate, stands at the city centre as a symbol of European peace. For a bit of culture, the Museum Island is home to the city’s oldest and important museums like the Old Museum, New Museum, Bode Museum and Old National Gallery. A small stretch of the Berlin Wall and checkpoint also stands as a historical reminder of the past. Parking in Berlin centre city centre is paid and includes both car parks and on-street parking.

Finding parking around Berlin city centre

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