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Location of Aulnay

Commune of the south-west of France, Aulnay is in the department of Charente-Maritime.

History of Aulnay

During the Roman Empire, Aulnay was known as Aunedonnacum. The city is then a Gallo-Roman station. During the Middle Ages, the viscounts of Aulnay build a castle there. The latter is demolished in 1818, but a tower still exists.

The specificities of Aulnay

Aulnay has many historical monuments making the happiness of the old stones enthusiasts. Tourists can, among other things, visit the 12th-century Church of St. Peter of the Tower. This parish is distinguished by its architecture inspired Romanesque saintongeaise. It is classified as a historical monument. Visitors can also admire a dovecote with more than 2,000 niches or a tower, the only remnant of Aulnay Castle.

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