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Location of Saint Nicolas Park

The Saint-Nicolas pond is located in the western part of Angers as well as in the municipalities of Avrillé and Maine-et-Loire. Several parks surround this body of water and its banks are classified among the sites and natural monuments of artistic, historical, scientific, legendary or picturesque character by the state.

History of Saint Nicolas Park

Artificial lake, the pond Saint-Nicolas is the result of the extension of the bed of Brionneau following the exploitation of the shale having been used for the construction of the castle of Angers. Nearby, the Saint-Nicolas Abbey took possession of the land bordering the pond. This area later became the Garenne Park. In 1940, the city of Angers took the last parts of the banks for a public walk.

The specificities of Saint Nicholas Park

The Saint-Nicolas pond includes five natural parks spanning an area of ​​112 hectares. Visitors have parks Garenne, Carrières, The Hague, Belle-Beille and Tail pond. This green space has varied landscapes with specific biotopes. A wide variety of floral species and large trees decorate the site, including oaks, pines, chestnuts ... Some parks also contain an animal enclosure and shale extraction fields and slates.

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