Discover the charm of a Carolingian building by visiting the Collegiate Church of St Martin. For the safety of your vehicle, park on one of the parking spaces offered on Onepark.

Location of Collegiate St Martin

St Martin's Collegiate Church has a picturesque facade in the historic center of Angers. The building is one of the best preserved Carolingian monuments in France.

History of St Martin's Collegiate Church

The history of the Collegiate Church of St Martin dates back to the 5th century, during the construction of the three paleochristian buildings. A Carolingian church was built on the site in the course of the tenth century. Following the deterioration of the building, work reshuffle took place in the eleventh century, at the instigation of Foulques Nerra account. In the twelfth, Gothic architecture conquered the site.

Disactivated during the Revolution, the collegiate quickly deteriorated. Although Prosper Mérimée wanted to restore it in the nineteenth century, the site was not classified as a Historical Monument until 1928. The rehabilitation work was carried out from 1988 to 2006.

The specificities of Collegiate St Martin

A major Carolingian building, the Collegiate Church of St Martin is the perfect pied-à-terre to admire the Gothic architecture of Angevin and the frescoes of the Middle Ages. You will live there a return on fifteen centuries of history.

Discover the remains of Merovingian churches, the processions of sarcophagi, slate formwork ... For the pleasure of visitors, the team of Collegiate St Martin regularly organizes temporary exhibitions and workshops for children.

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