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Location of Jean Bouin Stadium

Stade Jean Bouin is located on the edge of the Pierre de Courbetin boulevard in Angers. It is served by the bus lines Irigo n ° 9 and Cotra n ° 15.

The Costières Stadium is the main playground of the Angers Sporting Club de l'Ouest football club.

History of the Jean Bouin Stadium

Inaugurated in 1912, the sports arena was originally called Bessonneau stadium, in tribute to its creator Julien Bessonneau. The first renovation works took place in 1925. After its conversion into a municipal stadium in 1957, the site was renamed Stade Jean Bouin. To validate the rise in Angels SCO league 1, the enclosure was completely rehabilitated in 1993.

Amongst other important sporting events taking place at the Jean Bouin Stadium is the match between France's women's national football team and its Icelandic counterpart on 1 June 1996, in the frame of the Euro 1997 qualifiers.

The specificities of the Stade Jean Bouin

With its four stands, the Stade Jean Bouin can accommodate up to 16,500 supporters:

  • The Jean Bouin lateral tribune has 4,206 seats.
  • The Saint-Leonard side gallery has a capacity of 4036 people.
  • The Colombier grandstand has 3,494 places.
  • The tribune Coubertin offers 5,400 seats.

Equipment side, Stade Jean Bouin has two giant screens and the goal-line technology.

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