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The Port Autonome of Marseille

The Port Authority of Marseille (PAM), also known as the Grand Port of Marseille (GPMM), is an extension of the Old Port . WFP's activities extend to the transport of passengers, goods and oil.

The birth of the Port Autonome

The extension project of the Old Port of Marseille has been planned since the beginning of the 19th century, but it only materialized in the 1960s. The Port Autonome was created in 1966. It meets the needs of the important maritime traffic. as well as growing activities on the Gulf of Fos. With a more and more diversified traffic following the reduction of the oil activity and leaving room for the development of the transport of goods and passengers, the WFP becomes in 2008 the Great seaport of Marseilles.

Boarding at the Port Autonome

The Port Autonome of Marseille and a real gateway to Provence. It enjoys a privileged geographical location in the Mediterranean, allowing cruising enthusiasts to find their happiness. WFP facilities are designed to maximize the comfort of travelers wishing to visit Corsica, Sardinia, Algeria or Tunisia.

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