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138.1 km
Walk5 min.
Parking Gare Belfort - Ibis Styles Belfort Centre
Rue Gaston Defferre (en face du numéro 22), 90000 Belfort

Fast Package 1h

1 hour
174.1 km
10 min.
Parking Gare de Besançon - Ibis
1 avenue Louise Michel, 25000 Besançon

Fast Package 1h

1 hour
173.8 km
Parking Gare SNCF de Besançon Viotte Sud - EFFIA
2 avenue de la Paix, 25000 BESANCON
131.8 km
Parking Gare TGV de Belfort-MontBéliard - EFFIA
Lieu dit les Côtets, 90400 BELFORT MONTBELIARD
180.6 km
Parking Gare Besançon Franche-Comté TGV - EFFIA
RD 1 Lieu dit Grand Bois le Pasquier, 25870 AUXON
126.5 km
5 min.
Lausanne Train Station - Ibis hotel Car Park
20 rue du Maupas, 1004 Lausanne

Fast Package 1h

1 hour
200.0 km
Rue Favre et Perréard, 01200 BELLEGARDE SUR VALSERINE
191.2 km
Parking Gare SNCF d'Annecy - EFFIA
Rue de l'Industrie, 74000 ANNECY
103.3 km
1 min.
Parking Aéroport Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg - Park & Trip
34, rue du 19 novembre , 68730 Blotzheime

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
106.5 km
6 min.
Parking Aéroport Bâle Mulhouse - Adopark
10 rue Jean Monnet, 68870 Bartenheim

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
106.7 km
4 min.
Parking Aéroport Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg - Blue Park
5 rue Robert Schuman , 68870 Bartenheim

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
103.3 km
8 min.
Parking Aéroport de Bâle Mulhouse Fribourg - Sold'Park
34 rue du 19 novembre, 68730 Blotzheim

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
181.6 km
35 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève Saint Genis Pouilly - Adagio Extérieur
67 Avenue du Mont Blanc, 01710 Thoiry

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
173.8 km
3 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Starling Geneva Hotel and Conference Center
34 Route François-Peyrot , 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex Suisse

1 day of parking

24 hours
172.9 km
Walk8 min.
Parking Genève Centre - Novotel
19 rue de Zurich , 1201 Genève

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
101.7 km
Parking Aéroport Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg - Park & Trip (Service Voiturier)
Aéroport Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg, 68304 Saint-Louis

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
175.2 km
5 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Parking Plus
Chemin de l'Avanchet 26, 1216 Cointrin

Serenity Package 24h

24 hours
99.0 km
7 min.
Parking Aéroport Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg - Ibis
17 Avenue du Gal de Gaulle, 68300 Saint-Louis
Sorry we couldn't find any offers matching your criteria.
190.9 km
Parking Gare SNCF d'Annecy - Novotel
1 Avenue Berthollet, 74000 Annecy
Park full
173.0 km
Walk10 min.
Parking Besançon Centre Ville - Mercure
3 Avenue Edouard Droz, 25000 Besançon
You cannot book less than 3 days in advance in this park.
176.9 km
6 min.
Parking Aéroport de Genève - Aéropark
28 chemin Adrien Stoessel, 1217 Meyrin
Park full
174.7 km
Parking Aéroport Genève - ECTOR (Service Voiturier)
21 Route de l'Aéroport , 1215 Le Grand-Saconnex
This park doesn't allow you to book for less than 6 hours
176.4 km
10 min.
Parking Aéroport Genève - Go2Park
161 Route de Vernier , 1214 Vernier
Open 7/7 from 5 am to 10 pm
175.0 km
Parking Aéroport Genève- Garage de l'Aéroport
36 Chemin de Joinville, 1216 Cointrin
Open from 6h to 22h and 7/7

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Eager to discover Switzerland , its Alps and its heritage? With OnePark travel in the country with peace of mind by reserving your parking space in advance.

Location of Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of Central Europe. The Helvetian territory is bordered on the east by Austria and Liechtenstein, on the north by Germany, on the south by Italy and on the west by France.

History of Switzerland

Switzerland has been populated since prehistoric times, but it is only truly history when the Helvetii attempt to settle in southwestern Gaul. The country knows many upheavals before acquiring its independence in 1803.

The specificities of Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its exceptional quality of life. Geneva is ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. The country has many important cultural monuments such as Chillon Castle, Einsiedeln Abbey and the Bellinzona Castles. Switzerland is best known for its Alps, attracting thousands of mountaineers from around the world each year.

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Parking in Switzerland

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