Belgique car parks

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Whatever your destination in Belgium , be sure to find the right parking space for your vehicle. OnePark has several car parks all over the country.

Location of Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium, located in Western Europe, is bordered by the North Sea, Luxembourg, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

History of Belgium

This part of Europe is inhabited since the Mesolithic. The many Neolithic sites attest that human occupation has been uninterrupted. As for the name of the country, it comes from the Gallic Wars, during the annexation of Julius Caesar.

The specificities of Belgium

It is one of the founding states of the European Union and its capital is home to various institutions and international organizations. In addition, two linguistic groups make up the country: Francophones, representing 43% of the population, and Dutch speakers. However, the small minority of German speakers is officially recognized. Because of these differences, tensions appear regularly between Walloons and Flemings. This situation has led to some important reforms. The motto of the country is: Unity is strength.

To simplify your life, OnePark allows you to reserve your parking space at the last minute or days in advance for your stay in Belgium . In addition, you will be sure to find the car park you have reserved on your arrival.

Parking in Belgium

OnePark has a smartphone application to facilitate your reservation of parking space in Belgium . As for the cancellation, it remains free and the payment is totally secure.