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Parking Porte d'Italie - Stade Charléty - Ibis

  • 26 rue de Thiberville, 94250 Gentilly
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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The Porte d'Italie parking lot - Stade Charléty - Ibis is ideally located a 10-minute walk from Stade Charléty . It is located rue de Thiberville between the Porte d'Italie and the Porte de Gentilly. Verdun bus stop 57 is located at the foot of the hotel.

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The parking is covered .

Parking is provided by our partner Ibis Paris Porte d'Italie .


OnePark Tip

The car park is ideally placed for cheap parking near the Charléty Stadium, Gentilly Cemetery .

City car
Sedan car
Utility car
Max. height
1,85 m

Max. height
Cancellable until :1 hour before it begins.
Vehicle access: 26 rue de Thiberville, 94250 Gentilly
Pedestrian access: 13 rue du Val de Marne, 94250 Gentilly
Onepark places: Free locations.
Around the park:

Stade Charléty, Cimetière de Gentilly, Porte d'Italie, Porte de Gentilly

Public transport:

Ligne 7 

Parking Porte d'Italie - Stade Charléty - Ibis prices

Max. durationPriceDetails
Fast Package 1h1,50 €Unique entry/exit
Fast Package 2h3,00 €Unique entry/exit
Express Packages 3h4,50 €Unique entry/exit
Express Package 4h6,00 €Unique entry/exit
Discovery Package 5h7,50 €Unique entry/exit
Discovery Package 6h9,00 €Unique entry/exit
Serenity Package 24h12,00 €Unique entry/exit
Zen Package 2 days20,00 €Unique entry/exit
Zen Package 3 days28,00 €Unique entry/exit
Getaway Package 4 days36,00 €Unique entry/exit
Getaway Package 5 days44,00 €Unique entry/exit
Getaway Package 6 days52,00 €Unique entry/exit
Week Package 7 days60,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 8 days65,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 9 days65,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 10 days70,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 11 days75,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 12 days75,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 13 days75,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 14 days80,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 15 days85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 16 days85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 17 days85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 18 days85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 19 days85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 20 days85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 21 days90,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 22 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 23 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 24 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 25 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 26 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 27 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 28 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 29 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 30 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Month Package 31 days95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Beyond5,00 € for 24 hours
Monthly Subscription 5/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.60,00 €
Monthly Subscription 7/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.70,00 €
Quarterly Subscription 5/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.171,00 €
Quarterly Subscription 7/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.200,00 €
Half-Yearly Subscription 5/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.335,00 €
Half-Yearly Subscription 7/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.399,00 €
Annual Subscription 5/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.648,00 €
Annual Subscription 7/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées.756,00 €

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Arrival at the car park

To access the car park, take the street in "direction prohibited / except waterfront".

When you arrive at the car park, dial your 6-digit access code on the OnePark keypad located at the parking entrance.
If you have a Smartphone, you can open the barrier directly from your reservation in the OnePark app.

Pedestrian access

The pedestrian exit and entrance are through the hotel lobby.

Exit from the car park

To exit the car park, dial your 6-digit access code on the OnePark keypad.

This step signifies the end of your parking, so it is important to respect it even when the parking door is already open.

5 persons recommend this park.

Facile d'accès, sécurisé et pas cher. Je recommande

sans aucun probleme

Top Expérience ! Je recommande

Bonne solution de stationnement quand on doit rester plusieurs jours sur Paris et qu'on préfère utiliser les transports en commun. A refaire!

Ne pas se soucier de place de parking est un luxe! Notre place nous attendait. Excellent accueil chez Ibis. Je recommande!

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