Parking SAEMES CHARLÉTY COUBERTIN Public Car Park (Covered) Paris


  • 17 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris
  • Open 7/7 from 7h15 to 22h
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Open 7/7 from 7h15 to 22h

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The Charléty Coubertin - SAEMES car park is located in the immediate vicinity of the Charléty stadium .

The car park is covered, secure and accessible 7/7 from 7h15 to 22h .

This car park is provided by our partner SAEMES .



City car
Sedan car
Utility car
Max. height
1,85 m

Max. height
Can be cancelled until:1 hour before it begins.
Vehicle access: 17 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris
Pedestrian access: 17 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris
Company: SAEMES
Onepark places: Emplacements libres.
Around the car park:

Stade Charléty, Cité Universitaire, Parc Montsouris, Parc des Expositions porte de Versailles, Le Parc Zoologique de Paris

SAEMES CHARLÉTY COUBERTIN Public Car Park (Covered) prices

Special Package Chocolate Show 6h (Du 28 octobre au 1er novembre 2017)9,00 €
Special Package Parkopolis 6h (Du 21 au 22 juin 2017)9,00 €
Special Package Agricultural Show 6h11,00 €
Special Package Retromobile Show 6h11,00 €
Special Package Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 6h11,00 €
Special Package Parkopolis 12h (Du 21 au 22 juin 2017)14,00 €
Special Package Chocolate Show 12h (Du 28 octobre au 1er novembre 2017)14,00 €
Special Package Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 12h16,00 €
Special Package Retromobile Show 12h16,00 €
Special Package Agricultural Show 12h16,00 €
Special Package Holidays Tranquility 7 days (Du 1er juillet au 31 août 2017)36,00 €
Weekend Package (Valable à partir du vendredi 14h jusqu'au lundi 09h. Entrée / Sortie unique.)38,00 €
Special Package Holidays Tranquility 14 days (Du 1er juillet au 31 août 2017)48,50 €

Max. durationPriceDetails
Fast Package 1h3,60 €Multiple entries/exits
Fast Package 2h7,20 €Multiple entries/exits
Express Package 3h10,80 €Multiple entries/exits
Express Package 4h14,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 5h18,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 6h21,60 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 7h25,20 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 8h28,80 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 9h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 10h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 11h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 12h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 13h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 14h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 15h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 16h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 17h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 18h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 19h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 20h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 21h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 22h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Discovery Package 23h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Serenity Package 24h32,40 €Multiple entries/exits
Zen Package 2 days46,80 €Multiple entries/exits
Zen Package 3 days48,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Getaway Package 4 days54,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Getaway Package 5 days60,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Getaway Package 6 days66,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Week Package 7 days72,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 8 days75,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 9 days79,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 10 days82,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 11 days86,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 12 days89,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 13 days93,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 14 days97,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 15 days100,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 16 days104,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 17 days107,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 18 days111,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 19 days114,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 20 days118,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 21 days121,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 22 days125,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 23 days128,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 24 days132,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 25 days135,50 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 26 days136,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 27 days136,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Escape Package 28 days136,00 €Multiple entries/exits
Then14,40 € par tranche de 24 hours

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Arrival at the car park

When you arrive at the car park, take a ticket at the entrance terminal . Park your vehicle in any available space, except for reserved spaces. Go to the reception of the car park where an access ticket will be issued in exchange for the Onepark confirmation email. If the car park attendant is absent, use the intercom.

Pedestrian access

To enter, when you return to the car park, insert your access card into the reader next to the pedestrian access door.

Exit from the car park

To exit the car park, insert the access ticket into the exit terminal.
If you exceed the pre-paid time, you will be asked to pay directly to the car park according to the pricing grid displayed on site.

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