AEROPARK33 Discount Car Park (External) car park



Opening hours

  • Open 7/7 from 04:00 to 00:00


  • Single entry and exit
  • CCTV
  • External
  • External closed


  • Car wash*
  • WC

*These options will have to be paid at the car park.

Allowed vehicles

No maximum height

  • Motorbikes
  • City car
  • Sedan car
  • Utility car


The AEROPARK33 car park is located 5 minutes by free shuttle from Bordeaux-Mérignac airport.

Parking is secure and   accessible 7/7 from 04:00 to 00:00 .

This car park is provided by our partner AEROPARK33.


  • The booking can be cancelled until 1 hour before its beginning.


Mode of transport

From the car park, a free shuttle will drop you off in 5 minutes at the airport.

Upon return and after having collected your luggage, you can call the shuttle at the telephone number indicated in your email confirmation, it will pick you up at the airport drop-off .

The shuttle service operates 7/7 from 04: 00-00: 00.

Entry and exit from the car park

Present yourself at the reception of the car park equipped with your e-mail of confirmation of reservation (mobile version or paper).

Good to know

  • After 00:00, the shuttle service is extended in case of flight delay;
  • After making an inventory, you will hand over the vehicle keys to the staff who will keep them for the duration of your parking;
  • In case of delay in relation to the arrival time filled in during the booking, as well as for any modification occurring once your parked vehicle, we invite you to notify the parking by calling the shuttle;
  • In the case of an overrun, you will have to pay it directly to the car park, according to the current hourly rate.
  • Car access: 4 Chemin de Magret, 33700 Mérignac
  • Pedestrian access: 4 Chemin de Magret, 33700 Mérignac


Client reviews

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307 people recommend this car park

  • Très bon service je recommande. Bénédicte

  • Accueil, efficacité, simplicité,sourire, tout y est !

  • About a week ago, I was ready to slate this company for its shocking service. I was sat at the gates, being told that I couldn't come in before my allotted slot. They told me to wait in my car. Sure - I was early. But Easyjet had sent me a text in the middle of the night to say allow more time than usual as they were expecting to be very busy. So I did - getting up at the ungodly hour of 4.30 to drive to Bordeaux. Upon arriving - the gates are closed. No problem. I'll ring the bell. No answer. I then try the telephone number and eventually someone picks up. I explain that I'm early (an hour before the time I'd reserved) and he then, rather rudely told me that I couldn't come in. I asked if he could at least drop me off the airport - I could then have a coffee. No - was the answer. I asked if I could wait in their waiting room - and told no. He had loads of things to do. Eventually, he conceded and said he'd let me in half an hour later - as though he was doing me a big favour. Honestly, I was boiling with rage. I then sat down and read through other reviews, ones that mentioned poor service, putting extra mileage on the car, etc. I honestly thought they were going to be a bunch of crooks who'd situated their car park next to a toxic waste pile. But - when I came back, I gave them a call, they collected me and I got my car back. A different guy - somewhat nicer. Yes - it's cheap. And yes - my car had 3 extra miles on it (due to having to move the car to another car park for long stays). And yes - their service is bloody appalling. And no - it's not 24hrs/7 days - like it proclaims to be. Only if you prebook. What are the chances of me using the service again? Very slim. There are plenty of other options - all of whom would be keen for your business. Would I recommend them? No. It does the job. And that's that. If the bloke had offered an apology to me - I'd not be writing this. And the only reason I'm not giving 1 star is because it is a good price, they are reasonably close to the airport, I got my car back and the bloke who was on duty at the end seemed nice.

    Answer from Onepark Team

    Published on 3.13.2019

    Dear client, Indeed, the car park is accessible 24/7 but only if you have a pre-booking. We hope your next parking experience will be more satisfying! regards

  • très bon service nous le reprendrons au prochain voyage

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