Disabled access to parking at Orly airport

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Disabled access to parking at Orly airport

If needed, get disabled access to the car parks at Orly airport for short or long-term parking. Take advantage of the functionality of our booking platform to easily find an available seat.

Car park entranceible to the PRMs inside the airport

In all parking lots, it is mandatory to set up spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. Disabled access to the car parks of Orly airport perfectly meet these specific needs. To facilitate access to Orly Sud or Orly West, book a parking space near the terminals. These parking lots meet the required standards with, among other things, greater width, floor marking and a signage panel. These car parks provide access for wheelchair users.

Disabled access to car parks located around Paris-Orly

You will also find a selection of car parks in the Paris-Orly area. If you need disabled access to the car parks at Orly airport , these parking lots can meet your expectations. In this range, you have private car parks and public car parks. Parking can also be covered, closed or in the open. Whatever the type of parking chosen, you can leave your vehicle quietly there, all car parks being secured. These are kept permanently and / or enjoy video surveillance.

Orly airport: services facilitating the access of the PMR to the car parks

To optimize the comfort of the users of the car parks at Orly airport, a range of services has been set up, particularly for the parking lots located near the airport. In order to easily reach the terminals, you can for example take advantage of a valet service at the drop-off of the Orly South terminal or that of Orly West. Others offer a shuttle service to reach the terminals within minutes. In a pinch, the car parks are ideally served by the tramway.

Find in a few clicks of our offers car parks accessible to people with reduced mobility . Book your place online on the site or through our mobile application. The confirmation of your booking guarantees a place for the duration of your choice!

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