Park your bike at Orly airport

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Park your bike at Orly airport

For a departure trip, if you come pick up or drop someone at the airport or for another reason, you want to go to Paris-Orly with your two wheels. The question now is where to park the bike at Orly airport ?

Get a convenient location to park your bike at Orly airport

In addition to the official car parks of Paris-Orly, you will find in the vicinity of the two terminals Orly South and Orly West, a wide choice of car parks . Some of these parking lots have special arrangements to park their motorbike , such as the shackles. Car parks are also the right size, with a minimum width of 1.20 m to park easily. From a safety point of view, car parks to park your bike at Orly airport have a guard service or enjoy video surveillance (if not both!).

Park your bike at Orly airport: short or long-term rental?

You may be bringing someone back to Paris-Orly. In this case you will need to park your bike at Orly airport . It will be the same if you are looking for someone returning from travel or for some other reason. It may also be that you go on a trip for a specific period. Whatever your needs, you can rent secure car park near the terminals or in the vicinity of the airport. Seating is available for short or long term rental. Packages are also available for tailor-made needs.

Orly Airport: easily book parking for two wheels

Finding a free parking space is sometimes difficult, especially at airports, places frequented constantly. The search for space is even more difficult for two-wheelers for whom parking is less rare than for four-wheeled vehicles. Nevertheless, with the mobile application Onepark, it is quite possible to find at any time a free parking where to park his bike at Orly airport . Simply indicate the desired parking location at a given time and date and the application will geolocate free places in real time. You can then book the parking of your choice online, which you can also do on the site.


Need parking to park your bike at Orly airport ? Find and book easily your place on our site or through the Onepark mobile application!

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