Long-term parking in Marseille

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Long-term parking in Marseille

Long-term parking in Marseille is a real concern for drivers who do not have a secure garage in their home, as is the case for many residents of the city center. There are now several spaces allocated to this type of parking in the perimeter of the Marseille Provence airport and the Saint-Charles train station . The places are mostly located in a covered and supervised area. For visitors who wish to have a downtown location when traveling to Marseille , the hotels are an alternative to the station. This option is an advantage thanks to the possibility of choosing your neighborhood and thus getting closer to your area of ​​residence. But you must know that these places are not accessible to the greatest number. You must have reserved your place to have access to its parking.

Single output or multiple output

When you reserve your long-term parking in Marseille, you have to determine if you need one or more outings. For travelers traveling by plane or train, only one exit is necessary since the vehicle will not move. For professionals traveling in the city and for tourists, multiple outings are a necessity. It would be a shame to deprive oneself of cars for long journeys. Note that some car parks are not accessible in the evening. In any case, think about online booking to be sure to find a place and to choose according to the available options (covered, guarding, toilets, accessibility, access for motorcycles ...).

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