Where to find cheap parking in Lyon?

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Where to find cheap parking in Lyon?

The area around the two railway stations of Part-Dieu and Perrache are the places with the largest concentration of car parks in the city of Lyon. To access it, you have to join the avenue Thiers or by following the motorways A6 and A7. Pier Dr. Gailleton also offers parking opportunities.

Lyon: an offer adapted to different needs

To meet the needs of residents and visitors or professionals passing through, the city of Lyon has defined different kinds of parking. Those reserved for residents are generally not accessible to people outside the neighborhood. Then there are relay parks that are specifically designed for office or commercial workers. Finally, there are car parks for occasional visitors. These are managed by electronic timestamps. The price changes according to the duration. Onepark helps you to reserve places available so you do not have to go around in circles near the places you want to go.

Focus on neighborhoods where to find cheap parking in Lyon

The 2nd and 3rd Arrondissements of Lyon are the districts that offer the greatest concentration of car parks in the city center. It is also possible to find some in the vicinity of the Tête d'Or Park, such as Albert Einstein Avenue. On the interactive map available on the Onepark.fr website, you will easily find the status of the occupation of the places. This will help you prepare for your trip.

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