Long term parking Lyon

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Long term parking Lyon

In Lyon, the duration of parking is limited to one hour and a half in the hyper center and neighborhood centers, where attendance is much higher, in very commercial or high traffic streets. However, it is a maximum of three hours for medium-term parking. To benefit from long-term parking in Lyon , you will have to opt for private parking ( car park rental ) or be a resident.

Residential parking

Residential parking allows you to park your car for a long time in Lyon. To benefit from this type of parking, you must have a resident sticker. It can be obtained under certain conditions. Indeed, you must be a permanent resident in Lyon in a paying area where residential parking is possible, because there are areas prohibited to this type of parking. The sticker is valid for one year and each household is entitled to two thumbnails maximum. It can be paid by the day, by week or by month.

Subscription or rental of long-term parking

To park for a long time in Lyon, you can also opt for private parking . Whether near major railway stations and tourist sites or in areas a little distant, you will find long-term car parks that offer cheap rentals. On Onepark, for example, you can quickly find and find available parking for rent. By booking online, you will benefit from a guaranteed and secure place that you can rent for many days by choosing the Evasion package for example.

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