Parking deposit of the North Station

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Parking deposit of the North Station

The North Station, the largest in Europe, has a huge influx whatever the season. If you bring someone back, know that there is a parking depot. For a stop of less than ten minutes, parking is free for motorbikes and cars.

How to get to the car park depot de minute of the Gare du Nord

Since August 2015, the Gare du Nord has undergone many changes, according to city officials, to improve traffic. Therefore, there is no more traffic in front of the esplanade of the station. For all cars wishing to drop off or pick up passengers, it will now be necessary to go to the basement by following the two accesses available by the rue de Maubeuge and the rue de Compiègne. To reach this space, pedestrians must take an elevator.

What you need to know about the parking de-minute at the Gare du Nord

The parking de-minute de Gare du Nord has been designed to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility. From Monday to Sunday, and including public holidays, the place opens from 5 am to 1 am As soon as you go past a 10-minute stop, you will have to pay a fixed price. If you are not sure about driving quickly, it is advisable to reserve your place to be certain of having a location. offers alternative locations around the station, in a garage, in a hotel or in a privately managed parking garage.

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