Parking rates in Paris

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Parking rates in Paris

In Paris, parking rates differ from one area to another. The amounts you pay also vary depending on the type of parking you have taken: rotary, residential, mixed ...

Different costs according to the tariff zones of Paris

The French capital is divided into 20 districts. The first district to the 11th are in the center and correspond to the tariff zone 1 Paris. Parking in this area on a rotating parking is charged at € 4 per hour. Note that parking is limited to 2 hours in a row at the same place. The tariff zone 2 concerns the 12 th district to the 20 th that are a little outside of Paris. The parking rate in this zone is € 2.40 per hour, always limited to two consecutive hours in the same car park.

Rates for residential parking

If you have a residential parking card, you can park in the mixed-use car parks. Note that the maximum parking period allowed on this type of parking is 7 consecutive days. Rates can be set for the day at € 1.50 or per week for € 9. The so-called mixed-road parking is recognizable by the sign P beside which a yellow pellet is displayed. Rotating car parks or visitors are recognizable by the sign P only.

Parking rates are set by the French State. The city of Paris and the Prefecture of Police define the parking areas and ensure the control of parking.

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