Parking guide in Paris

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Parking guide in Paris

Paris welcomes millions of visitors every year. Capital of fashion and luxury, prized for its unique charm and cultural and historical wealth, Paris is a destination that seduces for sure. The Paris City Council favors public transport and if during your stay, you travel by private car, find a parking in Paris requires some knowledge of the city and its rules for parking.

Parking on mixed lanes in Paris

In Paris, you can park on mixed lanes. A bit far from the commercial and tourist areas of Paris , these mixed routes are open from 9am to 8pm. Parking in Paris is free, of course, but free on Sundays and public holidays. On the other hand, there is a certain limit as to the duration of parking: two hours in a row for a normal visitor and seven days for a residential parking.

Park on the rotating lanes in Paris

The rotary tracks are a little more in the commercial area of ​​Paris. Parking is highly regulated and the parking period must not exceed two consecutive hours. Otherwise, your vehicle is at risk. Unlike mixed lanes, this type of parking is only reserved for visitor parking and prohibited for residential parking. It is free on Sundays and public holidays.

Parking on delivery areas in Paris

In the city of Paris, it is also possible to park on a delivery area. There are several delivery areas where deliverymen can park. They are easily recognizable by a marking on the ground indicating "Delivery" and dashed lines (allowed to the visitors) or in double yellow band (reserved only to the deliverers).  

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